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Warehouse Membership Status: Active
Unique Name: KRSG #package no
Korea Warehouse Details
Please check carefully before you send any package! We will not not responsible if you send to the wrong address!
Address in English: 29, Jeongwang-daero 28beon-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Building 111, Room 904
Address in Korea: 경기도 시흥시 정왕대로28번길 29 동남아파트111동 904호     Zip code: 15041
Contact No (for delivery purpose only): 010-2409-3661

* Please use the Unique Name properly so that it is easier for us and yourself to identify and track.
KRSG: Please include this label so that the Korea admins will not mistake your packages as their or their family members’ packages.
Username: This will be your username you use to login to this account! Your packages should be sent under your username so that we know it is your!
#package_no: (Optional but recommended) Especially if you are sending many packages to the address, you might want to include a package no for each package so that we can let you know which package(s) arrived even without the tracking no.
1) Low Volume (3 packages per month) : 10,500 KRW / SGD 14.15
2) Mid Volume (5 packages per month) : 15,000 KRW / SGD 20.25
3) High Volume (10 packages per month) : 25,000 KRW / SGD 33.75
➤ First 2KG per incoming package to KR address: FREE (included in membership fees)
➤ Additional KG per incoming package to KR address : +1,500 KRW / KG
➤ Additional Package : +3,5000 KRW / Package

* Rate : 1,000 KRW = SGD 1.35
* Please note that Membership Fees have to be paid first before you can send your packages to the Korea address!
2 methods to declare your incoming package(s):

Method 1: Declare every time every time you placed an order to the Korea address. 
➤ Please make sure you checkout your order with a package no so that our Korea admin can identify which package(s) you are declaring for.

Method 2: Declare when you have the tracking no
➤ You just need to fill up the form below when you have the tracking number.

Declare incoming package / Request Shipping

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Your Username: KRSG #package no
Warehouse Membership Status: None